Hello, my name is Eberhard Mutscheller.
As coach and senior consultant I can help to kick-start your business start-up ideas or support you with your wishes to change your company or organization.

About me

For me, mutual trust is essential in the consulting process – there are already enough motivational gurus.

My profile

For more than thirty years, I have been providing support for founders of new businesses and entrepreneurs of established companies in all stages (and sometimes crises) of their business development: from the first market analysis to overcoming financing hurdles to a sustained implementation of their business goals. As a qualified systemic coach/consultant I expand the knowledge and operating skills of my clients, so that good ideas can turn into successful conceptions.

Experience is not what happens to a man; it is what a man does with what happens to him.

Aldous Huxley

My education and professional career

  • university degree in educational science and psychology
  • member of the party executive of the Green Party
  • the Green Party’s national spokesperson on education
  • managing director of an inclusive and cultural organization engaging in organic farming (a BIOLAND facility)
  • founding member of the German National Association of Free Alternative Schools
  • co-founder and board member of LONEX e.V.
  • since 1994: management consultant and coach

…to name only the most important career stages.


Listening, structuring, analyzing and clear communication…

…are my strengths as an experienced senior coach and as a “systemic” from the outset. For more than thirty years I have been coaching entrepreneurs, founders, associations and company successors on the basis of experience and trust: expertise you can rely on. Book a free introductory session and learn more about me.

  • Coaching a start-up process

    The wish to set up in self-employment involves many questions: How promising is my idea, how viable is my concept? Where and how can I apply for credits, start-up grants or early phase financial assistance? I will help you drafting your business plan and provide advice about which of the many different means of state support are eligible for your founding project. In many cases, the employment agency or job center bear 100% of the coaching fees, in other cases they might be paid by diverse funding programs. Together, we will find a way to turn your start-up idea into reality. Let us talk about it! I offer you a non-binding first discussion free of charge. My motto: to turn founders into successful entrepreneurs!

  • Coaching for businesses

    Businesses with long-term success have one thing in common: they never stop developing. As a senior coach with thirty years of experience, I can support companies on how to develop further in a complex world, while meeting the growing needs of their employees and taking into consideration societal and ecological matters. What plans do you have for your enterprise? Is it time to take action? Then we should enter into a discourse about it. I am at your disposal with a non-binding first discussion free of charge.

  • Non-profit organizations/ social business

    To do something good and make a living out of it – that is an aspiration shared by many people today. In order to turn this aspiration into a conception, the cornerstones of your own social business approach must be established: What are the chances, what are the limits of my social business? What is the difference between founding a gGmbH or a gUG? Which long-term strategies are conducive to achieving the objectives of my organization?
    With my experience from more than 40 start-up processes, I gladly offer my advice for all your questions!

  • Coaching in a crisis/mediation

    Interaction between people always involves conflicts and discrepancies; and disputes within the team can be the cause of sinking motivation and reduced efficiency. Mediation is a method of dealing with conflicts in a solution-oriented manner which is based on the principles of voluntary participation of the team members as well as neutrality and impartiality of the mediator. As an experienced systemic consultant I can act as a moderator for the needs and interests within the teams to make a trusting cooperation (once again) possible despite different positions. I will be pleased to make you an offer – discreetly and with no obligations.

  • Professional training with LONEX e.V. to become a management consultant

    As a coach I always set new goals for myself, too. In the team of the Lonex Akademie we are working on setting up a professional training scheme for management consultants. We would like to share our experiences with you. For more information, see:

My Expertise

During the last thirty years, I have been coaching several hundred companies, non-profit organizations, creatives and founders from diverse industrial sectors on how to implement their business goals: experience you can count on.

Shaping change processes sustainably, using networks effectively and keeping a sense of what is feasible: these are key success factors in my work.